Are you a hiking lover? Good news, the Banks Track is opening on October 1, to take you on a magical journey around the Banks Peninsula! Alone, with family or friends, follow the track in farmland and forest, over an extinct volcano, along coasts and cliffs, through reserves and into your hosts backyards. 31 km of amazing landscapes! 🏔️

Doesn’t it sound amazing? And our motel is just a two minutes walk from the pick up point! We are the perfect spot to prepare before you go, and rest after two or three days of intense hiking. 🥾 We are also happy to store your luggage while you’re gone!

Come stay with us and enjoy our spa pool to give your muscles a well-deserved rest. 😌 Or just go for a swim in the sea just in front of your unit!

Did you walk the Banks Track before?


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